a new unified theory

E=Mc2 and E=0 measure the same stuff

what shall it be for our kids? Art?

OR WAR? Use your ‘non tribal thinking’ to identify ‘issues’ that are unnecessarily harming children in your own family, your community, and all over the world. to go to the … Continue reading

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nuclear war, up close and personal

11 May, 1962 11 May 1962 at 13:02 pm, 400 miles north-west of San Diego Up Close and Personal a view from the bridge I remember that it was a day … Continue reading

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Isn’t it time we craft a Unified Theory kids can understand?

“Every time a child is harmed humanity takes a backward step” -h stanley judd     to go to a new unified theory kids can understand click below http://galaxyabc.wordpress.com/ E=0 … Continue reading

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the theory

“To attempt to bend ‘reality’ to theory is upside down. Reality always trumps theory.” – H. Stanley Judd goodbye gravity, hello space isn’t it time to move gravity, time, space … Continue reading

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